I wonder if we really understand the truth of what is written in the heading above? This heading is merely a reflection of what Jesus tells us in today’s Gospel. Coming to a full understanding of this truth is not an easy task as its meaning is caught up in the mystery of the Trinity. Philip is bamboozled by what Jesus is saying and my heart goes out to him because I know that same bamboozlement when encountering the words of Jesus in my own life.

I think faith in Jesus is much easier if we make a commitment at the beginning to simply accept all that God tells us in his word, in prayer and in the teachings of the Church without question and simply get on with obeying his will! However, there is a catch here, there is something in us that wants to understand – we are not satisfied with mere acceptance of the truths about God, we want to get to know him better. As we pursue the latter path we will be constantly confronted with aspects of the nature of God that are beyond our full understanding – we will understand so much, but never everything.

The wise person is one who knows his or her limits, whether this is in regard to our physical, mental, emotional, psychological or spiritual selves. Thus, in order to retain our sanity, we must approach being a disciple of Jesus with a willingness to pursue greater understanding and at the same time the willingness to admit that there are times when we will get out of our depth and have to let go of the desire to understand fully and accept that we will simply have to be satisfied with the going only so far. This is what faith is all about! There will always be some aspects of our relationship with God that we will have to take on faith! I suppose that is why we call it a life of faith!

It is when we know the limits of our faith and understanding that we will be able to embrace more fully the life of discipleship and be satisfied with it. We will know what we can do and handle and what is beyond us. This is important as if we do not know or refuse to accept our personal limitations, we will always be seeking things that we cannot have and thus be unhappy.

Am I satisfied with the life of faith I am living or do I constantly find myself in situations where I am out of my depth so to speak, or my expectations are simply too high?

Holy Spirit, help me to be reasonable in the way I approach my faith walk, Let me accept my personal limitations and seek only to be faithful to all that God asks and expects of me.