So many people in our world today are obsessed with losing weight. In the USA, the dieting industry is estimated to have an annual revenue of $20 Billion. While it may be important to be physically healthy, there is a good argument for trying to make our souls fat.

There are many times where the Gospels use the image of separating the wheat from the chaff. The whole point of the image is that the outer layer of the wheat, the chaff, might look good but it has no weight. Whereas the inside of the grain is much heavier so it will not blown away in the wind. This image is always used in the context of the final judgement so it should cause us to reflect on the state of our soul.

Our society is obsessed with the outside layer of our lives; our bodies, our reputation, our status, our wealth. But in the eyes of God these things have no weight. The only thing that really matters is love. If our lives have been devoted to love of God and of our neighbour, then our souls will have weight. So while everyone else is making plans to lose weight from their bodies, perhaps we should be making plans to put some weight on to our souls.