We should never forget that the glories of this passing world are exactly doing that, that is, passing away. They do not and will not last forever. It is a foolish person who spends all of their time focused upon gaining earthly wisdom and riches and who fails to take into account that eternity, all which is after this mortal life, has a totally different focus. It is very easy to allow ourselves to be distracted by all sorts of attractive options on offer from the world, therefore it is important that we take care that the decisions that we make in life satisfactorily take into account our goal of eternal life.

One way that might help us maintain the right focus is to remember that eternal life begins now. All that we do and say has a bearing upon our relationship with God and it is this relationship that will be all-important in determining the nature of eternal life for us. James reminds us that just as a flower quickly comes and out and then withers and fades, so is our earthly journey in comparison with eternal life. True wisdom will always keep us aware of the shortness of our days here on earth and challenge us to keep a true perspective on the spiritual aspect of our lives.

James also tells us that our faith in God should be something that is firm and secure, not being blown about by all the various circumstances in our daily lives. Faith ought to enable us to lay a sure and firm foundation to our lives so that we know who we are and how we should live each day. Faith in God enables us to know that we are loved and worthwhile. It gives us the basis upon which to build not only our relationship with God, but also our whole direction in life. Let us take this opportunity reflect upon the priorities of our life so as to ensure that we have them right and have not allowed the attractions of this world to deflect us from our ultimate goal, eternal life.

Do I have a good balance among the priorities of my life as regards my earthly and spiritual aspects of my life?

Father, you sent your Son, Jesus to redeem humanity and give us a role model to follow. Grant me the grace to entrust my life to your will and love more and more each day.