1 Kgs 17: 17-24          Elijah is a great and holy man able to work miracles such as this one, raising a young man from the dead, because he has surrendered his life to God – he lives not for his own desires, but for the will of God. This is what it means to be a disciple of Jesus, forsaking what we want and focusing our lives on what God wants. Will this deprive me of anything? Yes! But it will give you far more than you lose, particularly when you take into account the gift of eternal life!

Jesus, you have the words of everlasting life. It is only through following you that I will be saved. Help me to see that obedience to your will is the best path to walk.

Gal 1: 11-19    Paul knows the power of the Gospel to convert people because he has experienced it in his own life – from being a persecutor of the Church to being one of if not its greatest promoters and apologists. It is important that we open our lives to the fullness of the Gospel and allow it free reign in our lives so that we miss nothing of what God wants to give us.

Jesus, you are the Lord of all; all good things come from you. Help me to place my life firmly in your hands so that I will always follow your will.

Lk 7: 11-17     The house of the widow of Nain is still standing in Israel today. It is an interesting experience to visit it. Like visiting so many of the places in the Holy Land that have connections with events in Jesus’ life there is a sort of surreal feeling to being there. The challenge is to allow the feeling to deepen one’s faith and not allow it be the same as visiting any old historical site. These places are where part of the ministry of Jesus took place and thus part of the winning of my and all of our salvation.

Father, thank you for sending Jesus to redeem us. Help us all to be able to draw from the grace he offers us the fullness of life you desire all of us to have.