Prv 31: 10-13. 19-20. 30-31 This text is a product of its time and it is indicating the necessary qualities for the wife of a man who desired to move up in the Court of the King. The Book of Proverbs is all about how to conduct one’s self in the presence and service of the king. It is a very dated piece of literature yet it also gives us the underpinning principles of what is necessary for society to work well, namely that husband and wife, men and women must complement each other with their gifts.

Jesus, help me to seek to be the person you have created me to be and not to worry about copying others nor worry about what they may think of me.

1 Thes 5: 1-6 The Second Coming of Christ is not something that we need to worry about because we ought to be prepared at all times for it. Precisely because we do not and cannot know the day or hour of Christ’s coming, we should ensure that we are always prepared for it no matter when it might come.

Holy Spirit, help me to be focused upon being obedient to the will of God so that I will always be in a good position when Jesus comes again, namely – accomplishing the Father’s business.

Mt 25: 14-30 Use the gifts that God has given you! This is the moral of today’s parable. We must never be afraid to use the gifts God has given us. This means that we should be willing and ready to take risks in responding to God’s call upon our lives as if we are not we are never going to know the full extent of what is possible for us if we place our lives under the grace of God.

Holy Spirit, help me to surrender everything to Jesus so that he can use me for his glory. I do not want the acclaim for anything i do – I simply want God’s Kingdom to be proclaimed.