George Bernard Shaw once said  “2% of people think, 3% of people think that they think, and the other 95% of people would rather die than think”. This has never been more true than in our modern world, where we have been trained to not think. The media tells us everything that we need to know in such an entertaining way that we never have to turn our brains on.

As Christians, this is something that should concern us greatly. We are surrounded by moral questions that have never been faced in any other time of history. Jesus tells us that we are meant to be the ‘leaven in the dough’, ‘the light of the world’ and ‘the salt of the earth’. It is as though he is reminding us that the future of the world depends on us. Perhaps an integral part of our vocation is to choose the pain and hard work of thinking and be prepared to sacrifice the comfort of having other people think for us.