In one of the psalms we read that crying may endure through the night but joy comes with the morning. This is often so true of discipleship. Jesus tells his disciples that it will look as though the powers of the world have triumphed and that they, his disciples, have lost, however that is not the case. Things are not always as they first seem to be, as there sorrow will ultimately be turned to joy!


Jesus is referring at least in the first instance to his own passion, death and then resurrection. The first two aspects of which reflect defeat and the the third final victory. The first two are overcome by the third! This is also often the pattern of discipleship. There are many false starts and dead ends in the life of a disciple of Jesus as we learn how to listen to God’s will and then put it into action. There are times when we make mistakes and have to turn back to find the right path again, but in the end, if we keep faith with the work of the Holy Spirit in and through us, we triumph. This is God’s work in us.


Even if we look at the world around us and see the walls of materialism, consumerism and secularism closing in on us, we can be tempted to despair as we look defeat in the face. However, we need to learn to look beyond seeming defeat and trust in the fact that there is always another conclusion for those who have faith in Jesus Christ. The life of a faithful Christian does not consider defeat to the powers of evil as a possibility any more as Christ is risen from the dead!


It is the victory of Christ that we celebrate at Easter; it is that same victory that we live in our lives on a daily basis. It is not an option for us to consider defeat as that would be an insult to Jesus! Let us pray that we not only receive the gift of God’s victory into our lives but that we both live it and proclaim it at every opportunity we get.


Holy Spirit, help me to live a victorious Christian life that sees no future for defeat in any of the projects of the church. Help me to live my life under the grace of God for my salvation.