Our world is seemingly obsessed with records. Who is the fastest over 100m, who can jump the highest and so on? Ultimately all these records are broken by someone a bit faster or who can jump a little higher. Well, there is one record that will never be broken. What is that I hear you ask. What is the sharpest instrument known to mankind?
The answer is…. wait for it … the Word of God! There is nothing sharper and nothing that cuts more accurately to reveal the truth than the word of God. Do you believe this?

The Word of God cuts between the soul and the Spirit; it can judge the secret thoughts and emotions of a person. In other words, the Word of God is a very dangerous thing to play around with, as it will eventually reveal the truth about your life whether you like it or not!

God’s Word is also one of the greatest gifts that God has given us to help us find the way to salvation. If we can use it well, and with the respect that it deserves, we will find we have an unbeatable ally in our fight against sin. God’s Word is victorious in every situation and thus we should use it at the forefront of our battle against sin. The Scriptures contain every truth necessary to receive the gift of salvation and so we must be committed to making a permanent dwelling place for it in our lives.

God’s Word is so powerful that it can change our lives, yet we so often place little priority on really getting to know the Scriptures. It is not good enough to know that the Scriptures are there in the Bible should we want to call upon them. We need to commit ourselves to knowing them inside out or at least to the best that our ability allows us! Jesus was constantly at prayer. Being a good rabbi He would have known the Jewish Scriptures and Laws back to front. Can we say the same of ourselves? What sort of commitment do I give to the proper study of God’s Word in my life?

How much time do we spend watching trashy TV shows or reading trashy magazines and novels? How much more time can and should I give to letting the Scriptures form my heart and mind by reading and studying them often?

Holy Spirit, open my heart more fully to the Word of God. Lead me in my study of God’s Word so that my life will become to be fashioned more in His image than in the image of the world.