When god gave the people of Israel the promised land, they probably didn’t realise that it would be a battle field for the rest of history. Ever since the Israelites returned from Egypt, this land of milk and honey has been wedged between competing empires who have had a bad habit of using the promised land as their battle field. Did God make a mistake in choosing this place or was this part of his plan?

It is clear in the history of the bible that God has intentionally put the people in an impossible situation. The constant message of the old testament prophets seems to be that God allowed this so that they would have to rely on him and not on their own power. God repeatedly tells the people not make alliances with other nations or rely on human power to save them.

As Christians, we are all on a journey to the promised land, and once again it seems that God allows us to be surrounded by forces that threaten to overwhelm us. It is so hard to survive as a Christians in the world, and sometimes, even the commands of God seems to be impossible to live. But perhaps this is the whole point. While battles rage all around us, Jesus simply tells us to be like little children: be dependant and trust in the love of your heavenly Father who will protect you. No matter how great the trials, the true beauty of the promised land is to be found when we allow ourselves to be carried and protected by the father rather than trying to fight for survival by our own strength.