1 Jn 5: 14-21 Sin is a horror to God, not just mortal sin, but any sin as he alone realizes the full extent of the damage it does to our relationship with him and our relationships with one another. We should all pray for a hatred for sin so that we will never allow it or temptation into our presence. If only we can keep temptation away, sin would remain there with it!

Holy Spirit, help me to grow in my desire to overcome each and every sin and temptation in my life. I want to be one with you, so help me avoid sin at all times.

Jn 3: 22-30 The work of the Spirit in our lives is important. In order to foster it we should be doing all that we can to listen to the voice of the Spirit speaking to us through prayer, the Scriptures and the Sacraments. He can also speak through the daily events of our lives. Let us resolve to listen to all these things so that we will not miss any guiding word of the Spirit. Let us resolve to follow wherever he leads us.

Holy Spirit, help me to recognize your voice in the midst of all the others in my life. I want to know God’s will for my life. Help me to hear it and obey it.