Jesus tells us that heaven and earth will pass away, but His words will stand forever! What does He mean by this? When God makes a promise we can be sure that He will honour it. Creation, in the form of heaven and earth are exactly that, created realities and as such have only a limited lifespan. God’s Word, His promise will outlast them. Human beings too will outlast mere creation as God has called us share in His own Divine Life through the gift of salvation. We too will pass beyond the mere created realities into eternity with God.

Let us return now to His Words, as they are an important source of hope and strength for us in our earthly pilgrimages. God never speaks without a good reason; therefore, if He says something it is important. If He promises something it is even more important! I used to think it was almost superstition to go searching in the Scriptures for all the various promises that God has made down through the ages and then hold them up to Him and ask for their fulfilment. I do not think this any more. On the contrary, I now lament my lack of faith to really take hold of all of these promises and believe in them and thus experience their power to transform my life!

It is so important that we Christians know the Scriptures. I get inspired when I read about the lives of the saints of the first 16 centuries as they learnt the Scriptures by heart. I do not mean a line here and a line there, but entire Gospels and all the psalms. Why did they do this? Before the printing press was invented all bibles were hand written and thus enormously expensive! Even if people could read they were unable to afford the cost of buying a bible. Think of the time and effort needed to learn one psalm let alone all 150! This is how important the word of God was to them. It is very likely that we can sing at least a part of a large number of secular songs. Can we also quote the same number of lines of the Scriptures? This is a pretty good test as to the priority we place on getting to know the Word of God! If we are lacking in this area, perhaps now is a good time to begin studying the Scriptures a little more diligently!

How well do I know the Scriptures? Is there really anything other than laziness that is stopping me from getting to know them better?

Holy Spirit, I commission you to inspire me to learn more about the Word of God! Inspire me to commit texts to memory. Inspire me to learn about the different levels of meaning in the Scriptures. Inspire me to read through the whole Bible and remember a few thoughts from each of the Books.