Within the Jewish tradition, there is a mythological creature called a ‘Golem’. This creature looks like a human yet is made from clay. The interesting feature of this creature is that its life is directed by words. In one of his novels, Terry Pratchet describes this creature quite vividly, suggesting that if you hit the head of a Golem at just the right point, the top of its head will flip open to reveal a small sheet of paper with words written on it. These are the words that direct its identity and work. If you change the words, you change the whole direction of the creature.

In many respects, we are a lot like this mythological creature. Our life is also directed by words, however those words are often negative or destructive; “You are useless”, “No one will care for you”, “Don’t trust anyone because they will only hurt you”, “You are going to fail anyway so why bother trying”. The content of these words is different for every person. They are written into us often at a young age in the midst of conflict or criticism.

As with the story of the Golem, these words direct us at every moment of our life. No matter how much we may want to be different, we will always return to this way of thinking about ourself….unless we re-write the words.

To bring about true change, we need to first identify what are the words that direct our life, consciously identity them as being a destructive force in our life, and then allow God to speak into our life a whole new set of words that are based on truth; “you are honoured, and precious in my sight and I love you” (Is 43:4). By praying deeply with the scripture, and even repeating the words of scripture repeatedly throughout the day, we can gradually change the words that are inside our head, and begin to live a life based on how God sees us.