Wisdom is often interchangeable with the Spirit. Jesus is wisdom personified. The author of wisdom is probably a sage or elder in the community and his words are worthy of our reflection. He admonishes us to love justice, think of the Lord in his goodness and seek him. He understands that wisdom/spirit does not enter one who plots evil nor found in one in debt to sin.
The author writes similarly to St. Paul, who wrote of the Spirit, many centuries later. Just as Paul recognizes the Spirit as a spirit of discipline, order ad self control, so too does the author here state the spirit is not interested in those who practice deceit. Wisdom is a kindly spirit. Elsewhere Paul writes that the Spirit knows the depths of God and intercedes accordingly. Here the author tells us that God is the witness of the innermost being of man. He observes the heart and listens to the man of integrity.
The author of Wisdom writes poetically. In his writings, we can understand the certain qualities of wisdom. Let us pray for such a gift. Wisdom is that gift of the Holy Spirit that enables us to discern between right and wrong, good and evil.  The spirit fills the whole world, embraces fully the person docile to its action. For the Christian, wisdom is of utmost importance in our dealings with others. We must discern the will of God, in all events and circumstances life offers us. The one filled with wisdom will never experience the absence of the Lord for the spirit is all-embracing, and knows the mind of man

Pray for the gift of wisdom in your life.

Father of life grant me the seven fold gifts of your Holy Spirit; wisdom, understanding, counsel, fortitude, knowledge, piety, and fear of the Lord.