Ezekiel was a prophet of visions. He was shown extraordinary visions – figures, temples, rivers, bones – that were to be conveyed to the people. This was God’s way of communicating his message. Often God will choose to convey his message in dreams and visions. Many people in the Bible have had visions that were very meaningful for them.
Ezekiel is shown a vision of the glory of God. And this vision is to give encouragement to the people that God is with them. To a people at loss of their identity, this vision comes as a welcome relief that God has remembered his people. Therefore, the temple, the pride and joy of the Jews, that Ezekiel sees in vision was a great comfort to the people –God will restore their lives in holiness again.
The prophet Isaiah is given the same privilege of the vision of the glory of God, as he testifies to his calling. St Paul is given a vision that lifts him from his stupor. Jacob is shown a vision of angels. Stephen the first martyr is shown a vision of Christ as he is being stoned to death. Through the prophet Joel, God speaks of pouring out his spirit whereby young men will see visions.
St Thomas Aquinas teaches in his writings that we are called to enjoy the beatific vision of God. The beatific vision is the fulfilment of all our longing, the desire to be with God. This is the goal of our life here on earth- to attain the vision of God through faith here on earth and to see God face to face as he really is. As St. Augustine says,  all will contemplate God without end. He will be our reward and satisfaction.
We are a visual people. We are able to take a lot of information through the aid of visual resources – advertisement banners, movies, internet, power point presentations and other media resources. What we take into our vision is important for our lives of faith. It can be detrimental or helpful. We need to be constantly vigilant in what we see and perceive in our world. A people need vision. We need to be visionary. Without a vision we perish. Just as vision can be an important means of God’s communication to us so to we need to be a people of vision. A vision will always help us to look beyond and will always give new perspective. This was the blessing given Ezekiel that day. When he saw the vision of the glory of God it gave him new hope and different perspective to his life in exile. God was doing a work creating a vision for his people

What vision is God giving you? Have you asked God to give you a vision?

God grant me vision and teach me your ways and truth. Open my eyes and let me see your glory. Amen