One of the Theological Virtues is hope. (The other two are faith and love) In the text we have from St Paul’s Letter to the Romans, we are presented with a wonderful description of what hope does for a Christian. Hope opens us up to the glory of God. Hope awakens within us the desire to share in the Glory of God! Despite the situations of sin that we can see and come into contact with daily, we are not completely depressed because we have the hope of eternal life and eternal glory in our hearts.

Do you know what the best thing about Christian hope is? Do you know how it is different from ordinary hope? Well, ordinary hope is almost like wishing. There is no certainty that it will happen. For example: I hope that I will win Lotto! Sorry, I cannot guarantee that! But when a Christian says, “I hope in the gift of eternal life,” we are not just wishing because we KNOW that Jesus has won the battle over sin and death and thus we are destined to share eternal life with Him.

Does that mean I am definitely saved from my sins? Yes and No! Yes, God has done all that is necessary on His part to save you. As far as God is concerned you are saved. You just have to decide that that is the sort of life you want to live and then live it! What we hope for as Christians is already ours if only we realized it and took hold of it. There is nothing left to chance. If you want salvation, it is yours to be had.

The only difficult thing about Christian hope is that it takes the exercise of our faith to grasp hold of it and then the virtue of love to live it to the full. Christianity is an all or nothing proposition. There cannot be any half measures involved. We either believe that God has saved us and thus hope in eternal salvation as we live it out in love during our earthly pilgrimage, or we do not. The choice is yours!

How strong is the virtue of hope in my life? Do I really believe that God has saved me? Do I live under the grace of God’s love each day as I hope for eternal life?

Holy Spirit, inspire me to develop more strongly the three Theological Virtues of faith, hope and Love and in so doing become more like Jesus who is the perfect example of each of them.