It is not always immediately obvious to us that some of the things that God inspires us to do are all that important. Look at today’s Gospel, for example: Andrew encounters Jesus and then goes off to tell his brother Peter to come and meet Jesus with him later in the day. For all intents and purposes this seems to be a very natural and simple action, particularly when we consider that Andrew believes that Jesus is the Messiah. Yet, look at the consequences, Peter ultimately becomes the leader of the Early Church when Jesus ascends into heaven. The simple act of inviting someone to come and visit another person and hear what he has to say results in the first encounter between Jesus and the man who will ultimately take his place as the leader of the fledgling Christian community.

How many times have we had the opportunity to do something similar and NOT done it? That is, how faithful are we to inviting non Mass-goers to join us in our weekly or daily celebrations of our faith> If we attend a prayer meeting or regular Christian gathering, when was the last time we invited someone to accompany us to it? Think about the significant role that faith plays in your life and ask yourself whether you want that role for the life of your friends and family or not? What lengths are you willing to go to in order to help make this happen? These are questions we should ponder often, not just once in a while.

Evangelization depends upon our being inspired to share the graces that we have received with others so that they too are given the opportunity to receive the grace of salvation in their lives. We are never on holiday from the Lord! We cannot afford to miss the moments of grace that come our way in this regard as it is the salvation of a person that is at stake. It is not a matter of missing a meal or delaying a certain pleasure or two; it is the salvation of a human being that is under question and perhaps we are the chosen instruments to introduce them to a life of faith. We do not know if this is the last opportunity they might have to hear the Good News proclaimed to them. After all, if we invite them, then it is up to them to respond to the offer of God’s grace. If we fail to invite them into a life of faith perhaps it will be we who will be judged more harshly for failing in our Christian duty of love!

When was the last time I was instrumental in the conversion of someone? What opportunities do I have to share the Gospel with others?

Holy Spirit, impress upon me the urgency of the need to proclaim the Gospel at every possible occasion. Give me the words to speak and inspire me at the opportune time to present the Good News to those whom I meet.