The story of the death of John the Baptist is very instructive when looked at from the perspective of failing to embrace the truth. Herod and Herodias refuse to embrace the truth that their union in marriage is illegal and ultimately use the first opportunity to get rid of him in a most macabre fashion.

The key to the whole drama of any sin is our dialogue with the truth. If we are willing to submit our lives to the truth, then we will move ahead along the paths of righteousness and goodness. Once we deny the truth we place ourselves on the slippery path to moral disintegration. This is why the present complacency regarding lack of commitment to the norms of married life and all they entail are wreaking havoc upon the lives of families and contributing greatly to the many personal problems are young people have to deal with today.

It is not difficult to see the results of this lack of commitment to the truth concerning marriage when we see the number of children born out of wedlock is increasing and that it seems it is almost as normal for a marriage to end in divorce as it is for the couple to remain faithful to each other. The only remedy for this situation is for society to rediscover the necessity to be committed to the truth regarding human relationships, and in particular, the meaning of marriage concerning expressions of human love.

The Church has remained uncompromising in its presentation of the need for absolute and complete fidelity within marriage. This has often brought the Church into conflict with more liberal societal norms and the pressure groups that promote them. If we are to retain any semblance of order in our society we will have to choose the former and not the latter. Our more liberal societal norms are much easier to follow but they do not uphold the truth and full dignity of the human person. One of the key aspects that the liberals often miss is that children have a right to born into a healthy family environment.

What is needed is greater preparation for marriage and a commitment to the ongoing support and formation of young couples. It takes at least 7 years of formation to become a priest. There is nothing like that sort of formation put into marriage preparation. They are both life-long vocations!

How seriously do I approach the choices in my life that have lasting consequences? Am I committed to embracing God’s truth for my life?

Lord Jesus, strengthen all marriages so that they can be the basis for teaching our children the basics of love. Please bring comfort and consolation to those whose marriages have failed and grant them the grace to remain faithful to you and their other family commitments.