Discovering the light that will guide us in our lives is a great challenge as if we choose the wrong light we will obviously be led down the wrong path! Jesus makes a claim that no other person makes in claiming to be the light of the world. He can truly say this as it is through him all things have been created! He is the Word of God through which the Father brought order out of chaos (Genesis 1) and through whose word the Church speaks and lives her life. What does this mean for you and me?

There are a number of consequences of all this for us, the first being that we ought to listen to the Word of Jesus for our lives as it is the way of eternal life for us. Secondly, and closely related to the first, is that when we are making difficult moral decisions we need to seek the enlightenment of Church Teaching. Jesus has not given authority the authority to teach and interpret the Scriptures to the Bishops for nothing! The Magisterium of the Church is the authoritative guide for us on matters of faith and morals. We can act under our own guidance if we so desire but this would be a foolish choice similar to driving at night in the countryside without the benefit of headlights!

We are talking here about matters of life and death that should never be taken lightly. The world in which we live is fond of avoiding the defining issues of life to deal with the peripheral ones in order to avoid controversy. This is a mistake as the world’s financial system discovered in September/October 2008! The regulators took a ‘its too hard attitude’ to the irresponsibility of the bankers and their advisers and the world of finance experienced a great thud when the ‘house of cards’ built on debt and impossible to pay back financial commitments came tumbling down in spectacular fashion. Let us not make a similar mistake with our spiritual lives! Let us build on a firm foundation that is illumined by the Light of the World, Jesus Christ.

Do I tend to avoid the difficult questions in my life and thus create a disaster just waiting to happen somewhere in the future?

Holy Spirit, grant me the grace to face the challenges of my life when they arise and grant me the wisdom to know how to confront and overcome them.