2 Sm 5: 1-7. 10 The phrase at the end of today’s reading. “The Lord of Hosts,” indicates that the power of God was with David. This is very important to a people who are seemingly constantly at war! This makes David an attractive proposition for King of Israel and this is what the people eventually accept. He will reign as King for a long time; remember life expectancy was probably not much more than 25-30 years at the time! Israel becomes a mighty nation under David’s rule.

Holy Spirit, no matter how much it may seem that I have achieved something, help me to remember always that it has been the grace of God that made it possible.

Mk 3: 22-30 Jesus affirms that we need to promote and treasure unity within our communities. When a community is divided for whatever reason, it is very difficult for it to achieve much. Unity means that we are able to share our resources and talents for the common purpose of living and proclaiming the Gospel. This is our highest calling; this is the heart of what it means to be a disciple of Jesus.

Holy Spirit, help me to let go of any personal desire that will detract from achieving the best result as regards the proclamation of the Gospel.