In the Greek of Jesus’ time there were two words used to indicate time. One of them is much the same as the sense we mean when we ask, “What time is it?” The answer tells us the time of day in hours, minutes and seconds. This is what we refer to as ‘chronos’ time. The second sense is a more general concept that can be loosely translated as, ‘the appropriate moment.’ That is, the circumstances are now such that the timing is right for … This is what we cal ‘kairos’ time. It is the second sort of time that Jesus refers to in the Gospel today. It seems that the marker He has been awaiting is a move against John the Baptist. Exactly what day it happened is irrelevant – it is now ‘time’ for Jesus to begin His ministry proper!

I believe that there are ‘kairos’ moments in all of our lives. These are opportunities for us to take hold of particular graces that God offers to us. If we do not take them up then the moment passes and we fail to take up the grace offered, we may never get the chance to do so again. Such ‘kairos’ moments are important for our spiritual growth. Our ability and willingness to recognize and respond positively to them is critical if we are going to move according to the Spirit of God in our lives. This is clear from the example in today’s Gospel. Jesus was clearly waiting for a particular ‘kairos’ moment to begin His ministry. It comes and so Jesus’ mission is begun in earnest.

The Holy Spirit is constantly at work in our lives bringing us to conversion but there are times when a significant shift has to occur in our lives in terms of growth in holiness. These are the ‘kairos’ moments of our lives. They are critical to our growth in holiness and if we fail to take them up it is difficult to say what will happen except that we are not being fully cooperative with the grace of God. One of the questions that we have to ask ourselves is whether or not we are serious about the call to grow in holiness. If we are, then we will be looking out for ‘moments of grace’ in our lives, as we know that they are critical to our spiritual health.

How alert am I in my prayer for indications that God is doing something special in my life? Do I believe that God wants to work closely with me? How can I be better prepared to hear His voice?

Father, I believe that you want all people to be saved. I believe that you provide us all with the grace to bring this about. I pray that I will be alert to the movement of your grace in my life so that I will not miss anything you desire to do with me.