The problem with today’s Gospel of Jesus calming the storm is that there do not seem to be many storms in my life – they are more like typhoons or hurricanes! I wonder if Jesus is strong enough to tame them? Rest assured that it does not matter how big the storm or hurricane may be in your life, Jesus can calm it and is already giving you the means by which to get everything under control once again. On the other side of the coin, however, is that I think that it is probably good for us to have a few things happening in our lives that are not fully under our control. This will force us to be more reliant upon the grace of God and that has to be a healthy thing!

The storms in our lives are probably quite frequent. I hope that they seldom turn into hurricanes and cause major damage to your life. The reality is that we will constantly find ourselves having to come back to God and rely on His help to overcome the difficulties in our lives. We should see this as a good thing, as I mentioned earlier, as it will help to develop a culture of placing our lives in the hands of God and relying upon His Spirit to lead us through the next phase of our lives.

Jesus’ disciples still have a lot to learn in the way of trust and faith. This enables me to feel a bit better about my own situation which I know is all too much like that of the apostles! I hope and pray that I am progressing in the spiritual life because at times it seems that I am going nowhere very quickly! I think that it is good for us to reflect upon the later witness of the lives of the apostles to draw some sort of hopeful message from this Gospel passage. We know that they eventually spent their lives in the service of the Gospel taking it the far reaches of the then known civilized world. In later centuries, monks and others will set out to conquer pagan kingdoms with the Gospel of love.

There is hope for us all no matter how weak our faith may be today! Let us seek to cultivate both the desire and will to grow in relationship with Jesus for herein lies the answer to growing in faith. The more we get to know Jesus and spend time with Him in prayer and reading the Scriptures, the more we will be strengthened to fulfill the life to which God calls us all.

Do I tend to focus on the problems rather than the positive aspects of my spiritual life? If so, then perhaps I need to change this pessimistic outlook upon which I rely for my faith?

Holy Spirit, convict my heart as to the truth of God’s love for me. Help me to leave behind the worries and doubts of an immature faith and rise to the moment and learn to grow in strength of faith each day!