2 Sm 12: 1-7a. 10-17 sometimes we can be blind to the sin in our lives and need help to recognize it. Nathan helps David see the horror of his sin in conspiring to kill Bathsheba’s husband so that he could gain her for his own wife. David takes some time to recognize what Nathan is doing because his passions and sin itself has obscured the truth. Let us always seek to keep sight of the truth in all that we do.

Jesus, help me to always properly think through the serious decisions in my life so that I can do my best to avoid sin.

Mk 4: 35-41 There are times of storms in all of our lives. The answer to our problems is often obscured by the various elements that have made the storm. One of the ways to try to see clearly what we should do is to trust our faith in God to show us the way through the maze of problems. We must always do our best to find the right path, trusting that God will help us overcome any of the difficulties we encounter.

Jesus, you have promised that we will never be abandoned as orphans – help me to be able to follow your path through the difficulties and challenges of life.