Have you ever stopped to reflect upon the nature of language and how different many of the languages are from one another yet they each serve the same purpose – namely to help us communicate with one another? This is the object of today’s first reading and it is an appropriate reflection to bring to conclusion the proto-history of the Book of Genesis.


The people of three or four thousand years ago asked themselves why there are so many different languages. They then wrote today’s text, either based on an older legend or maybe they created it themselves in order to explain how such an unfortunate state of affairs came to be. It is this process of reflection that has addressed a number of similar and profound realities in the experience of the peoples millennia ago. We have followed their reflections upon creation and sin; the experience of toil in work and pain in childbirth; we have looked at the question, albeit very briefly, of fratricidal thoughts and actions as well as the general sinfulness of humanity and so on.


What do we learn from these 11 chapters? I hope we have been able to understand that such questions and many others have no simple or glib answers but ought to draw us into a deep and lasting dialogue with one another and God. It is only in this forum that we will begin to be able to address the issues that we can. Hopefully we will also begin to grow in our wonder and awe at all that God has given to us and done for us and thus enter more deeply into relationship with Him. Maybe our reflections will give rise to more questions! This will be good so long as we are willing to continue to search for understanding. Understanding and not so much answers are what we are looking for as the questions we are asking do not necessarily give way to simple answers such as 1+1=2.


Am I willing to invest my time and resources in reflecting upon some of the more profound questions of human existence? I hope so!


Holy Spirit, I need your inspiration and help to depth my mind, heart and soul into the questions of life. Help me to walk this path with respect and a desire for truth and understanding.