One of the traps that Christians easily fall into can be described as ‘compartmentalization.’ This basically describes the situation when, for one reason or another, an individual separates the spiritual, intellectual, emotional, psychological or physical aspects of their life from all or some of the others in the list. It explains how it is possible to have people who would regard themselves as good, practicing Catholics, yet are sometimes or often involved in illegal or immoral activities.

This is only possible when we see our spiritual lives as adjuncts to the rest of our lives. Our relationship with God is something in and of itself separate from the rest of our lives. This is wrong! It will not be possible to pursue a path of holiness if this is the attitude we take to our lives.

The Letter to the Hebrews clearly presents to us that the work of the Holy Spirit involves the renewal and transformation of both our hearts and our minds! We cannot afford to compartmentalize our lives as this will deprive parts of our lives of the power of the Holy Spirit. This sort of deprivation can only lead to the free reign of sin in those parts of our lives not given over to the power and work of the Holy Spirit.

It is the Holy Spirit at work in us that brings our lives to an ever-deepening perfection. Without the Holy Spirit we are impotent to change the patterns of sin in our hearts and minds. They remain captive to a power that leads to the destruction of our relationship with God. Each of us must make the decision to place our lives under the grace of the Spirit or forever remain a captive of the power of sin.

The mind and will of God is quite clear. He desires that the whole of our lives be sanctified by His Spirit. This requires a total submission and commitment of our lives to Him, not just a partial commitment and a conditional submission. Ultimately it is an all or nothing decision. There is no such thing as partial salvation. We are either fully saved by God’s free gift given in Jesus Christ and worked out in the our lives by the power of the Holy Spirit or we are not! This in turn will depend upon what sort of a decision you are willing to make!

Is your life characterized by compartmentalization? Why is it like that? Why don’t you want to place everything in your life under the grace of the Spirit?

Lord Jesus, help me to surrender all to you. Help me to be humble enough to take what you give me and to give to you what you ask of me.