Ez 34: 11-16    The Prophets promises a new heart for the People of Israel. Today we celebrate the Feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. We celebrate the type of heart that God wants us all to have – a heart of compassion and love, forgiveness and reconciliation. Let us open our hard hearts to the love of God n a new way today so that God can do the transplant he wants with us.

Jesus, you are the divine physician always desiring to bring healing to our lives. Help me to allow your love to transform my life so that I will learn to love like you.

Ps 23: 1-3a. 3b-4. 5. 6 (1)

Rom 5: 5b-11  We know that God loves us because he has poured his love into our hearts while we were still sinners. It is relatively easy to love someone who loves us. It is next to impossible, without the grace of the Holy Spirit, to love our enemies. Yet this is what God calls us to do as his disciples – to love our enemies in order to virtually shame them into conversion to him. It is very difficult to resist the love of an enemy. Such love has a drawing power second to none!

Holy Spirit, open my heart up to the power of your Spirit so that I will be able to choose to love all men and women, even those who may be my enemies.

Lk 15: 3-7       The parable of the Lost Sheep depicts for us the nature of God’s love for us. A sheep is a completely helpless animal, almost brainless. (If you do not believe me, go and watch a flock of sheep one day and see how scatterbrained they really are!) They seemingly cannot help themselves. This is an almost perfect image for us when we are caught up in sin. We need outside help and it comes in the form of a loving and merciful God to redeem us.

Sacred Heart of Jesus, pray for me that I may imbibe the love God has for me and share it with all whom I know and meet.