1 Pt 1: 3-9 I wonder if what Peter is saying is true for us al, namely that we are rejoicing with indescribable and glorious joy as we work out our salvation in faith? This is one of the challenges of being a Christian – maintaining the joy that we should have knowing that we have received the gift of salvation. Why is it such a challenge? I think one of the reasons is that we allow ourselves to become too busy and thus do not have enough free time to reflect upon the nature of our faith and all that it should mean to us.

 Holy Spirit, help me to keep my heart and my mind in a state of reflection regarding the gift of salvation. I pray that I will never lose my joy at this great gift.

 Mk 10: 17-27 Jesus makes it clear to the wealthy young man that it is not his riches that will give him ultimate joy and satisfaction. Only a life of discipleship can do this. It is vitally important for us all to remember this as we seek to live our comfortable lives here on earth because that is simply what they are, for the duration of our lives here on earth. There is so much more to come in eternal life in heaven.

 Father, help me to never lose focus that my life here on earth is such a short time when compared with eternity so that I can better organize my priorities starting now.