1 Pt 1: 10-16 Peter reminds us of the words of Christ, “Be holy because I am holy.” This is a pretty good idea to heed; there is no better authority than the Scriptures. Peter further encourages us to live sober lives, attentive to the circumstances in which we live so that we can live the Gospel in the most effective manner possible. This is one of our responsibilities as Christians – to live and proclaim the Gospel all the days of our life.

 Jesus, help me to live a sober and sensible life. Help me to enjoy the privilege of living an enjoyable life such that I make the most of it and live it to the full.

 Mk 10: 28-31 Yes. There will be rewards in this life for our faithfulness but they will pale by comparison with those we receive in eternal life. This is the source of our hope that will encourage and strengthen us in times of suffering and trial. Therefore we should reflect upon this promise often and in depth. The more we reflect upon them the more real they will become to us and thus more present to our daily lives.

Jesus, help me to be committed to regular reflection upon your promises so that my faith can be better fortified against the temptations of sin.