The power of the priesthood of Jesus is demonstrated in an observable fashion in His resurrection from the dead. This is evidence that Jesus continues to act as The High Priest forever interceding for all humanity before the throne of God. Thus we can see that the priesthood exercised and administered by the Church, is always through the intercession of Jesus who sits at the right hand of God. There is no more effective intercession than this! What more could we ask for than what Jesus has given us in the Church?


One of the great sadnesses of our time, then, is the seeming lack of vocations in most places around the world. There is no greater privilege in this life than to lay down one’s life in the service of others in direct imitation of the lifestyle and ministry of Jesus while He was here on earth.


The enduring nature of the ministry of Jesus as High Priest is our guarantee of the effectiveness of the priesthood as it is exercised in the Church. Even if an individual priest is living in sin, the validity of the sacraments that he celebrates is ensured through the everlasting ministry of Jesus as High Priest of our faith. Priests should never use this as an excuse for their misdemeanors and sins. Priests must always do their best to ensure that the lives that they live are fully in accordance to the dignity of the ministry of priesthood that they practice. Otherwise, the hypocrisy of their lives will damage the mission and standing of the Church in the world.


As I mentioned in yesterday’s reflection, it is of paramount importance that we pray for our priests! Their lives are often complicated by all sorts of situations that make it very easy for them to be tempted by sin. This is, of course, no different for the laity as well, however, the public nature of eth ministry of the priest serves to give us greater concern for their holiness as their sins can be potentially more damaging than those whose lives do not have the same public character as that of a priest.


Have I ever really considered what it is that God wants me to do with my life? Have I ever really asked Him to reveal His will to me regarding my vocation in life?


Lord Jesus, help me to follow your will faithfully. Give me the courage to remain open to your will, whatever it may be, so that I will always be living a life pleasing to you.