THE PRESENCE OF GOD                Isa.6 1-8

Every now and then you have one of those “WOAH” experiences. You know the ones that I mean. They are those kinds of experiences where God manifests his glory and presence in such a powerful way that you cannot but say “WOAH.” I hope you have had those experiences. If not pray for God to reveal himself to you. They are experiences that we need now and then. By the grace of God he allows us to witness something of his powerful grace. They are gratuitous times when God will choose where, when and how to act, even at times when we are least expectant.

Isaiah the prophet is one who has that “WOAH” experience. Isaiah is a normal family man married with two children. He is in the Temple one day worshipping the LORD when he sees a vision. He sees the Sovereign King, the Lord seated on the throne, high and exalted. He is captured by the holiness of this vision and in fear and trembling, confesses to the LORD. His confession is similar to that of Peter’s who cries out to Jesus to depart from him, since he is a sinner (cf Lk5). It was believed that anyone who saw the Lord would die immediately –due to the awesomeness and sovereign majesty of the King of Kings, the LORD GOD.

Isaiah experiences the powerful presence of God and is humbled. Anyone who has experienced this similar experience cannot but bow down and worship before the God who makes known his presence. Isaiah confesses his wickedness, and on behalf of the people, their sins as well. “I am man of unclean lips and I live among a people of unclean lips”. When we come into the presence of God we also confess our sin that we might come with clean and pure heart. Wickedness cannot stand in the presence of God. At Mass as we enter into the mystery of God’s love we too confess our sins and seek pardon and peace. After these “greetings” we hear God speak of his will and plan for our lives. Isaiah at once hears the commission of God. Who will God send? Who will do his will? Who will carry out his message?

God searches the humble heart. God seeks the one obedient to his commands. God speaks his words of grace to these willing to lend an open ear. God wants to be present to his people – always, today and now. Is God calling out your name? What is God asking of you? Have you experienced the presence of God? What will you do? How will you respond to the gratuitous action of God?

Lord my God, I ask you to reveal to me your presence and power. What do you want me to do? Here I am I come to do your will. Give me the grace to respond to your voice Amen