In our day and age of the secular and utilitarian mindset I think we tend to lose touch with the power of the Word of God as understood according to the Scriptures. This is a terrible disadvantage to us if we are trying to live as disciples of Jesus. It means that we lose one of the foundational powers of the Christian life when we live without the active power of God’s Word in our daily lives.

Look at today’s First Reading – God speaks and whatever He says comes to be! This is the power that accompanies His Word – the power that should be evident in our lives. When we are confronted with temptation and sin we should not allow the lies of the devil to deceive us with the suggestion that we do not have the power to overcome them. We do! By the power of the Word of God and through the grace of His death and resurrection we have been given the power to overcome all sin. There is nothing that can stand against us if we avail ourselves of the power God is offering us through His Word; the Sacramental life of the Church and the various others means of His grace. There is no way that we should ever be fooled into believing that we have to suffer under the power of sin anymore!

God’s Word creates new situations out of old ones – He brings order out of chaos and brings all things under His rule of grace. We can choose to step outside this to a certain degree if we want to, however to do that is to sin – to choose chaos over the order of His grace. We live in a world where placing one’s life under the authority of another is looked on with suspicion and disdain. People strive for autonomy and self reliance. This can never be the case for a Christian. We gladly and willingly place our lives under the grace and will of God as we know and believe that this is the best place for us and indeed the only way to true fulfillment.

How is the Spirit of God challenging me to bring greater order into my life? What am I doing to respond to this call?

Father, help me to hear your Word for my life and respond generously to it. I want to do your will and thus I pray for the grace of a deeper submission of mind, heart and will to your love.