The people are marveling at the way in which Jesus is able to refute the various questions or accusations of the people, as well as the eloquence of the way he preaches through parables. He has captured their attention through the use of words and they are now wondering about his origins as they have never heard someone quite like this before.


Some people really have a gift for speaking in such a way that it enraptures an audience. Jesus seems to be one of them. It does not hurt Jesus’ cause that he is also able to perform spectacular healing miracles and the such like! However, Paul , in his letter to the Corinthians says that he does not have any eloquence about the way he speaks and attributes the power of his preaching to its content, namely the Gospel. If Paul speaks the truth, and I tend to think he is, then Jesus has even more going for him than we thought as the content of his preaching is the Gospel – the same as St Paul!


It is not surprising then, that Jesus, the Son of God, who is sometimes referred to as the ‘Word of God’ speaks with extraordinary power and authority. Just about everything that could help him in his mission he has in abundance! And yet there were many who having heard him speak, rejected the message for something else.


Jesus knows this will be the case as he tells us that a prophet finds it very difficult to convince those closest to him, those who know him the best, of tehir message. Perhaps this is because having known the oprophet for a long time they find it difficult to accept the conversion that is happening in the prophets life to lead them to the place where they speak with the wisdom of God. Let us pray that we will not be numbered among those who reject the Gospel because we are too familiar with the one who proclaims it to us.


Jesus, you proclaimed the Gospel without fear or favor of or to the people around you. Help me to receive it humbly and do all in my powre to share it with others, particularly those who have never clearly heard the Gospel.