Acts 1: 15-17. 20-26 The Early Church wants to make it clear that it is led by the Holy Spirit and not just a human person. Drawing straws is not normally an advisable way to determine the outcome of an important decision, however, I think we can see what it tells us of the nature of the leadership of the Early Christian Community. There was a fundamental trust that God would manifest his will for the Church even despite the sinfulness of its members. Thus they seemingly left the choosing of Matthias to chance.

Jesus, help me to trust that at the important decisions of my life you will make your will manifest. Teach me how to entrust them to the grace of the Holy Spirit.

Jn 15: 9-17 For Jesus, the Gospel is all about love. In fact, if love is lacking from anything we are doing then it is probably not worth doing! This is why we need to reflect upon the true nature of love and make sure we are not deceived by the many counterfeit manifestations of love we encounter in the modern world. Read through 1 Corinthians 13. If our experience of love does not match this description then we can be pretty sure that it is not true love.

Jesus, help me to embrace the true nature of love in all my relationships with others and with you. Help me to model my love upon your own.