Have you ever been locked out? It is a very frustrating thing to be locked out of your car, house, etc. It causes worry, anxiety and just one of those annoying situations we find ourselves sometimes. Jesus is using the analogy of the Master not allowing admittance into the house. The house has been locked because it’s too late. No matter what excuse is made the Master will not open! We are always called to be vigilant in our journey of faith in the Lord.
Within the Gospel of Luke, there are many themes throughout the scriptures. A common theme of universality flows through this Gospel. God welcomes all into his kingdom, into his arms of mercy. He invites Jews and Gentiles, sinners and saints. He is a universal God. Those to whom the call was intended have the choice to receive or reject the invitation given them. Why then is the questions asked – will only a few enter the Kingdom? Perhaps there were many seen following Jesus but few are committed to his way of life, teachings and Gospel. So many want the glory but are not ready to take up the challenges to achieve such blessing.
The Gospel of Luke reveals to us a God who includes all in his loving embrace. No one is excluded. We must be aware of our need for grace of the Lord to continue on the path of life. Often we may fall but we must never give up. Nor must we ever take for granted the faith we have. God, who has blessed us abundantly, expects much from us.
Jesus tells us to enter by the narrow gate. The gate to eternal life is narrow and many do not find it, nor are they willing to enter a gate that seems so narrow. That gate that leads to destruction is wide and is attracting many into its lure. Let us be led by the Spirit to enter the gate that leads to life eternal.

What must I do to enter the narrow gate?

Lord keep me vigilant in my heart and mind. Open to me the gate of holiness that I may enter. Amen