Jesus speaks to His disciples about His identity. He tells them that John the Baptist was sent as a light to illuminate the path so that people would be able to recognise who He, Jesus, is. However, there is a greater light shining than that of the testimony of the life of John the Baptist. This greater light is the very deeds and life of Jesus Himself! Let us briefly examine what the ramifications of this teaching are for our own lives.

Jesus tells us quite specifically that ‘… His deeds bear witness to who He is.’ That is, if we study the life of Jesus, the things that He says and does, then we will be able to learn His true identity. This will not only be true for Jesus, but for His followers as well as John will later relate at the Last Supper, “They will know that your are my disciples by the love that you have for one another.” (Jn 13:34) So, not only should Jesus be known by His deeds and words, all Christians should likewise be known.

This leaves us with the responsibility to ensure, under the grace of the Holy Spirit, that our lives bear such a witness to the Good News of Jesus Christ. One of the important principles that we will have to enshrine in our lives is that we live according to the truth that is revealed in Jesus Christ. We must align our lives, all that we say and do, with the truth of what it means to be a human being. The easiest way that I am aware of doing this, is to daily ask the Holy Spirit to keep us mindful of and obedient to the guidance of the will of God.

I think that it was Mother Teresa who encouraged all people to pray a simple little prayer each morning and then regularly throughout the day: Lord Jesus, what do you want me to do today? If we pray and act upon this prayer sincerely, then at least we have tried our best to discover God’s will for us and put it into action.

How brightly does my life illuminate the truths of the Gospel? Am I a good witness to those around me of the love and mercy of God?

Holy Spirit, help to make clear in my mind and heart the things that Jesus wants me to do each day. Give me the strength and single-mindedness necessary to be obedient to His every desire.