Humility is not something that comes easily to any of us. I think there is something in us as a result of original sin that wants to assert authority over a situation in terms of our own ability to control or engineer a situation for our own benefit and maybe for the benefit of others as well. This can be done with true humility but if we look ta the history of humanity’s interaction with the world and within the human species, it rarely seems to be done in a humble manner.

One of the dangers of extraordinary ability or greatness is maintaining a humble perspective on life. Too often those who rise to great heights in their profession, whatever it may be and religion is not excluded from this judgement, become overly confident in their own ability and this ultimately leads to sin and disaster. It is interesting to reflect upon the life of Jesus in this regard. He washes the feet of his disciples – I am sure that he would have often been found serving others whenever the possibility for it arose. This is the only way to maintain any sort of humility in our lives and not to forget that we are merely the servants and instruments of someone far greater than we are or ever will be!

If we do rise to greatness it will be important for us to actively seek to humble ourselves in the service of those around us in order to retain a proper perspective upon humility and the Gospel values of service and love. Jesus encourages his disciples to be always on the look for ways to serve both one another and others as well. If we are faithful to such an exhortation, we will have at least been faithful to doing what we can to grow in humility daily.

It is good to remember that Jesus is the Master and that we are to take our cues from the example of his life. If we follow in his footsteps we can hardly go too far in the wrong direction. The calling to a humble way of life is as fundamental to Christian witness as the training drills to a soldier or sportsman. If we cannot be entrusted with the fundamentals, how will we graduate to greater responsibilities, let alone handle them well if they come to us?

Am I a humble person? Do I seek to grow in humility in the little ways of serving others? Can I do more in this regard”

Holy Spirit, your grace is the basis of a humble life. Help me to embrace your grace and live the life of a true servant of God.