Heb 2: 14-18 The humanity of Christ is not a mere construct – it is a real as it can be. Jesus has experienced temptation and he has experienced the effects of sin in the world in which he lived. Jesus clearly knows what it means to be a human person because he is one of us. This truth is essential for our redemption according to the principle that what has not been assumed cannot be redeemed. In other words, without embracing our humanity, Christ would have been powerless to effectively redeem us!

Jesus, you demonstrated your commitment to us by becoming one with us; help me to be just as committed as one of your disciples.

Mk 1: 29-39 The reference to Peter’s Mother in Law implies that he was and maybe still is a married man. The discipline of celibacy that the church requires generally of its ordained ministers is precisely that – a discipline. However, it is a discipline that makes a lot of sense when you think about it a bit. I have ministered to too many children of leaders of Lay Communities in the Church who complain that their father was always there for others but was absent from the family and their lives! How much worse would it be if your father was also a priest on call 24/7? One of the Scriptural reasons given for celibacy is availability for ministry – there is no wife or children to be worried about when it comes to ministry.

Celibacy is not an easy charism to live. Let us pray for the religious and priests who embrace it for the sake of their service to others – that God will bless them with his comfort and intimacy so that they are able to give their lives in the service of the Kingdom of God.