Lk 14:1, 7-11


I think that it is always important for us to reflect upon passages like this one in the light of our own lives. We should try to remember that the way that we see a given situation might not necessarily be the way that God sees it. In fact, if we read through the Gospels carefully I think that we will discover that Jesus often demonstrates an ability to assess a situation very differently from those around Him. This is not to say that our understanding is often necessarily wrong but let us not presume that we necessarily understand the whole mind of God about it every time!


It comes down to a question of humility rather than presumption that we are in the right. And even though we may objectively speaking be in the right, there can still be reasons why we might need to treat the situation in a way other than our initial assessment. St Paul makes this clear when he talks about deferring some courses of action in favor of the person who has a weaker conscience (c.f. 1Cor 8).


There is something within each of us that seeks to exalt ourselves. This is a residue of Original Sin – that sin by which humanity has chosen to place itself over and against the judgment of God in determining right from wrong. A humble person will seek to overcome this arrogance and pride by looking for every opportunity to pursue a humble course of action. If in doing this one is raised higher then so be it! Accept the blessing or honor with humility and do not lord it over others or all the grace will immediately disappear.


Jesus accepted His mission to come among us as a man and never sought to exert His authority as the Son of God in any way let alone in an arrogant or superior fashion. His ministry is full of examples of Him choosing the humble path rather than the exalted one. We are all called to imitate His life in every way possible. I think that the starting point for all of us is in the imitation of His humility. If we cannot do this successfully, then there is little hope that we will be of much benefit to the Kingdom of God. Here is the first step in the long process of becoming a saint! If it is not the Lord’s will for our lives, then it is probably not worth doing in the first place. Let us seek to grow in humble obedience to His will.


What processes have I put in place in my life to try to ensure that I will grow in humility each day?


Holy Spirit, I know that it is only by the help of your grace that I will be able to imitate the humility of Jesus. Give me the necessary inspiration to help me to choose the paths in life that will aid me to maintain and develop a humble attitude towards others.