I wonder how often we allow ourselves to reflect upon the above idea contained in today’s Gospel? Perhaps it is our collective unwillingness to consider the dilemma of the work that needs to be done in the Church and the lack of labourers that is the reason for the lack of labourers in the first place! If we know that there is much to be done then surely we should be contemplating the possibility that maybe some of the work to be done should be done by me! I think there is a very pertinent question that we should all be asking ourselves (as Mother Teresa of Kolkata purportedly did) everyday, namely: “God, what are you asking me to do today?” Perhaps we do not ask this question because we are afraid of what the answer might be!?

Where would we be without the great missionaries and martyrs of yester year? How would the Gospel have been spread if there were not men and women willing to give their lives for the task? The simple answer is that our faith rests upon the sacrifices and obedience of many men and women who have preceded us. The question is, “What are we doing to continue their work, the work of the Church, so that the Gospel will be alive and strong for the next generation?”

Apathy or sloth is one of the worst sins imaginable in this regard as it will mean that the Gospel dies a slow death due to disinterest and lack of commitment. There is no doubt that we all want the benefits of the Gospel, the forgiveness of our sins and eternal life, however there is a cost and responsibility involved with such gifts and if we are not willing to pay that cost and live responsible and generous lives then I fear we will be very disappointed if not horrified with the consequences of this not only for the next generation, but personally as well! We neglect the responsibilities of our faith commitment at our own risk – to our own detriment! Do not let your life ‘slip over the edge’ through apathy and neglect. Life and faith with it are meant to be lived to the full!

In what way am I taking seriously the call to be a disciple of Jesus and share the Gospel with others at this time of my life?

Jesus, I pray that you will help me to realise the necessity of living and sharing the Gospel so that I will be an instrument in keeping the Gospel alive for future generations.