1 Jn 2: 29 – 3: 6 Sin has never been a part of God’s plan and never will be. Sin is not a part of our human nature per se – it is the result of the bad choices we human beings make. God has responded to our sins and sent us a redeemer , however, this does not give us a license to sin. It is the saints that realize this truth most strongly. When one reads their writings it is quite plain to see that they have developed a horror and hatred for even the smallest of sins as they understand the depth top which sin separates us from the love of God. Sin kills life – the kind of fullness of life God desired for us.

Holy Spirit, help me to see more fully the tragedy and horror of sin so that I will be more inspired each day to avoid it and all its many temptations.

Jn 1: 29-34 John is never threatened by the greatness of Jesus and his own insignificance in the greater plan of God. If we are threatened by the greatness of those around us; if we are threatened by others who are better than us at particular tasks, let us have the humility to ask why this is so? It should not be the case! Each one of us is gifted by God in different ways. It does not matter what our gifting may be; what matters is how and if we develop it to the full! We are all members of the Body of Christ, each with our own gifts to bring.

Holy Spirit, help us all to be faithful to our gifting and let us develop these gifts fully and offer them generously in the service of God and his people.