The law that encompasses all others is the command of love – we are all called to love God and each other without any exceptions! We are often particular in our love of others, choosing to love most people and refusing to love a few. This is not acceptable to the Christian way of life. The Law of Love commanded by Jesus is that we should love everyone, including our enemies. This is what sets Christianity apart from other religions. The universality of the command to love means that we have a very sophisticated understanding of the idea of forgiveness, something that is deficient and even absent from other religions and ways of life.



Jesus is right, of course he is, when he answers that he rest of the Law rests on the dual command of love – love of God and love of neighbour. It is worth our reflecting upon how this is true as I believe it can help inspire us to give greater effort along these lines. If we understand that love is at the heart of all we do as people, we will realize that it is the expressions of love, from the smallest to the greatest, that ultimately matter in our lives both as individuals and as the human family. There is nothing more important or powerful in effecting peace than the choice to love or enemies. If we seek revenge then the conflict is perpetuated indefinitely; if one party chooses the way of forgiveness then the resolution of the issue is close at hand.


Let us all be the first to seek love as the primary focus of any of our relationships.


Holy Spirit, without your help I will not be able to pursue the path of love in my life. I will find it next to impossible to forgive those who sin against me. Help me to overcome any desire for  revenge and help me to choose the way of love and forgiveness every time.