We are all well aware that the greatest commandment of all is LOVE. The call to love is at the heart of the Christian calling. I think it is important that we consider this call a commandment and not just a choice we may or may not make. I that the call to love is a commandment affirms is centrality in the life of a disciple of Jesus. This means that any disciple of Jesus needs to focus upon learning how to live a selfless life because it is only in living a selfless life are we a able to focus upon loving God and others.

Maybe the greatest sin of today’s society is selfishness, maybe not. Whatever the case I am sure that one of the greatest hindrances to holiness and living lives of love is selfishness. It is selfishness that never allows a person to look beyond his or her desires; his or her felt-needs and wants. It is this preoccupation with felt-needs that can cripples a person’s capacity to give themselves in love for another person. I am not saying that felt-needs or emotions are bad or even wrong, but when they are allowed to govern a person’s life over and above the principles of love and self-giving, they become the essential foundation for the things that distract us all from our true calling to love God and our neighbour.

Even a distraction is not yet a sin provided we work diligently to overcome it. Here arises the need for discernment in our lives to help us know when a mere distraction takes on the character of sin as we succumb to it. If we can keep distractions from moving down this path we will find it far easier to follow the command to love. One of the greatest aids to Christian discernment is the Scriptures. This is why we need to be committed to learning it. If we meditate upon the Word of God regularly we will help to form our minds according to the mind of God. This will stand us in good stead as we seek to follow wherever Christ’s calling takes us.

What is the biggest challenge I face in following the command to love?

Jesus, help me to get to know the true meaning of selfless love by first receiving it from you and then sharing it with others.