Sometimes it is very difficult to fully understand the mind of God in a given situation. For example, why does God choose to one person and not another to have a high-powered healing ministry? It is part of the mystery of His will that we will probably never understand. Sometimes the person exercising a powerful ministry can be quite a sinful person and yet God still seems to bless him and those who follow him with many blessings.

God’s choices are not always comprehensible to our limited understandings and yet there is something that says to us that it does not seem right for God to allow or even seem to be supporting some of ministries that are done in His name. In today’s Gospel Jesus’ seems to answer a question similar to this with the response, “He who is not with me is against me; and he who does not gather with me scatters.”

God is capable of using even the most limited of good intentions for His own purpose. It is not for us to judge what He chooses to do, rather we should seek first to put into place the right responses in out hearts and then encourage others to do the same. All of us who are on God’s side of the battle have a common enemy and it does not do any of us any good to be fighting with each other.

One of the greatest scandals of Christianity is the division among the various denominations. What sort of a witness is it to the world when we squabble among ourselves instead of providing a united front to the world based in the fundamental truths of the Gospel that we all hold in common? After all the Holy Spirit is supposed to bring unity to the Body of Christ.

Perhaps we can all ask ourselves what we can do to bring greater unity to the body of Christ? If everyone contributes a little to this cause then perhaps we will be able to improve the witness to the Gospel that we present to the world. Ecumenical relations are an important aspect of the Church’s life and should have a place in each of our hearts.

How do I view Christians of other denominations? Do I have cordial relations with them or do I tend to distance myself from them?

Lord Jesus, help me to do all I can to bring about greater unity in the body of Christ. Help me to be inclusive in my relationships rather than exclusive.