One of the things we often read about in the Gospels is the hunger people have for God – their desire to receive whatever it is God has to offer them. It is this desire for God that we need to develop in our own lives such that the hunger for him and his ways never dies within our minds and hearts. One of the best ways to preserve our holiness is to always be crying out to God from the depth of our hearts and seeking whatever might be his next gift to us.

If we examine the lives of the saints we will see that at the heart of their lives is their prayer. They are always faithful to their prayers and will not allow any temptation to take them away form their personal time with God. If they do allow such, they quickly recognize the error of their ways and return to God.

If we are smart we will look at the lives of the saints and say that this is what we want for our own lives. The question that then arises is whether or not we are willing to pay the price! What price I hear you asking – the price of making prayer the central focus of our lives; the price of putting God before all else; the price of becoming serious about the call to discipleship.

If we are willing to make these decisions then we are at least at the beginning of the journey. The challenge that we now face is maintaining the hunger for God as we grow in discipleship. This will mean not allowing ourselves to get disillusioned when the path gets rough and difficult. There will be countless times when we will be tempted to give up because it seems that the path ahead is impossible. However, we must be resolved that we will never give up – the stakes are too high!

What is the biggest challenge I face in growing in my faith? How do I intend to confront it.

Jesus, open my heart to the truth of your love for me so that I will never lose the inspiration and drive to be your disciple.