One of the important points in this story for us to reflect upon is how Philip acts immediately upon the response of the person with whom he is sharing the Gospel. He stops the coach and they find a body of water and he baptises him. Personally I believe that the Gospel demands a response from those who hear it. At the very least when we read the Gospel we must give assent to its truth and maybe have to go further than simple intellectual assent. To delay responding to a call from the Gospel because it might be inconvenient or embarrassing is to risk losing a moment of grace in our lives! This would be very unfortunate.

Similarly, when we hear a call to respond to God’s grace in our lives in a particular we way, we should not delay in doing so as we might be risking the way that the grace would work in our lives. It is important for us to ‘move with the Spirit of God’ when he is working in our lives as if we stay where we are the Spirit will lose immediate contact with us as he moves on with the plan of God. It is we who will lose the most from our reticence to obey when called.

God’s grace does not hover around us waiting for us to respond in our own good time. God moves on with his plan whether we want to be a part of it or not; whether we are willing to move in time with him or not. Unfortunately we will often discover at a later date what might have been if only we had responded earlier! “What if” are scattered along the way of the lives of those who seek comfort over obedience. There are times when we have to simply trust in God’s goodness and throw a bit of caution to the wind so to speak!

There is a time for prudence and preparation; there is also a time for adventure and trust.

When was the last time you took a risk in responding to what you believed God was calling you to do in a particular situation?

Holy Spirit, give me the wisdom to know when to hold back and be cautious and when to trust in God and live the adventure of faith.