Acts 2: 14a. 36-41 Repentance and Baptism are the constant catch cries of evangelization in the Early Church. The path to salvation is still the same today. Nothing has changed. Well, maybe that is not quite true. I think that today there is far less urgency related to evangelization and this is a scandal. We have been entrusted with the most important message of all time, one that is integral to the gift of eternal life, and there is a seeming lack of urgency in spreading it! I wonder what has gone wrong!

Jesus, help me to recapture a sense of urgency regarding living and proclaiming the Gospel to the world. Help me to take every opportunity I get to proclaim the Good News of salvation.

1 Pt 2: 20b-25 I doubt anyone will avoid suffering in their lives. As this is so, we may as well get used to the idea of suffering being a part of our lives as Christians. Christ suffered for us – therefore we should not expect to be immune from suffering! Our attitude in suffering is important as it can be redemptive or not. Our sufferings become intercession for the redemption of others when we join them to Christ’s on the cross. This is a very worthy cause and one that should bring joy to our hearts even though it takes suffering to attain it!

Holy Spirit, open my heart and mind to the full meaning of suffering when united to those of Christ. Help me to see their redemptive nature and so embrace them fully, trusting in this hope.

Jn 10: 1-10 Jesus comes that we might have life. Jesus is not here to judge us and cause us to enter into depression as to how bad we might be! He wants us to know the Father’s love and to receive it fully into our hearts so that it will transform the way we see ourselves, the world and even God himself. God’s motivation is always that of life and love. Let us seek to have the same focus in our lives.

Holy Spirit, help me to embrace the call that God has upon my life knowing that he loves me and desires what will be best for me. Help me to trust totally in the love of God.