To live in today’s world of sporting superstars and music and film screen stars one might be tempted to think that this is what glory is all about. However, if we read the Scriptures and begin to understand them we find that true glory, the Glory of the Kingdom of God, takes on a very different look altogether! let us spend a little time reflecting upon glory in the Kingdom of God.

The first thing we must recognise is that earthly glory is a fading reality. Even if a sports star or entertainment superstar manages to retain an avid following, it is a far cry from that of a present-day idol. Take for instance, Ludwig van Beethoven, he still commands enormous respect among those who love classical music, indeed those who have any true appreciation of music, but it is no where near the adulation that is given to some of the modern-day music idols. Beethoven’s star, while still shining, does not have the same glow as it did in yester-year. On the other hand, glory in the Kingdom of God never fades and never grows dim, it is a glory based in the light of Jesus Christ and it will shine with unfading brightness for the rest of eternity. We remember and celebrate the lives of the saints going back thousands of years with the same fervor as they have always been celebrated.

Glory in the Kingdom of God is based in the work that Christ has is and will do in our lives, not our temporal achievements brought about by our own talents and strength. As St Paul will tell us more than once, the saint strives for a wreath or a prize that will not wither and fade. Eternal life is the glory of the Christian – a sporting star’s achievements while great in their day will be overcome and overshadowed by another a few years hence. Yes we will remember the Michael Jordan’s and Pele’s of the past into the future, but they will be competing for our hearts with new superstars who will ultimately overcome their heritage.

Jesus reminds us of as much in today’s Gospel when He tells us that true greatness is found in service, not the glories of this world. Those who are first now could be in for a rude shock if they think their fame now entitles them to some sort of special status when it comes to eternal glory. Their fame may indeed be very short-lived if that is all there is to it!

Where do I find my true worth? Upon what basis does my hope for eternal life rest? Do I need to change my beliefs in this area of my life?

Lord Jesus, the example of a life of service that you have given us is the template upon which all humanity should seek to fashion itself. Service is the key to eternal glory – let us pray for the grace to learn the lesson of service as early as possible so as to secure for ourselves a place in the Kingdom of God.