1 Cor 2: 10b-16 I like the promise of the last line of this Reading where Paul tells us that we can have the mind of Christ if we truly surrender all to God. When I reflect upon the state of the world it is difficult not to get depressed by the seeming faithlessness of this generation. However, despair has no part in the Kingdom of God. Despair is never going to help the Gospel move forward – it is the great paralyzer of the Spirit.

Jesus, protect me from the sin of despair and help me to grasp your promises and run with them. I want to live a life of hope and not doom and gloom.

Lk 4: 31-37 Jesus can command demons and they obey him not because he is sinless but because he firmly believes that he has been given such authority by his Father in Heaven. The Good News is that we have been given the gift of the Holy Spirit as well! We, too, can banish the Devil from our lives but only if we believe in faith that this is so. This is why it is so important to get to know the Word of God through reading and reflecting upon it – it tells us the truth of who we are and outlines for us all the gifts God has given us.

Holy Spirit, empower my mind through the truth of the Word of God so that I will always believe in the promises of God and live by them in my life.