Rv 5: 1-10 Like yesterday, the focus here is God, the one who is worthy to open the scroll and read it. All the imagery does it emphasise the importance of the redemptive figure. We need to be careful not read too much into the imagery of the Book of Revelation – treating it like a code to be decoded for the special message it contains. The message is simply that Jesus is Lord of All and we had better make sure that we remember to acknowledge him as such!

Holy Spirit, never let me forget that I owe the gift of my salvation to the work of Jesus. Help me to gratefully follow him as his disciple.

Lk 19: 41-44 It will not always be easy to follow Christ. We will meet opposition often – opposition that is both spiritual and physical in nature. We should be prepared for it so that when we encounter it we will be able to overcome it through trust in the victory of Jesus over all things that come against his Elect, namely us! Let us never be frightened by the prospect of what lies ahead but always be open to moving with the graces he bestows on us.

Jesus, you are the Saviour of the world. Help me to be grateful for your goodness to me so that I will always remember to give back to you the glory you share with me in my life.