Gal 3: 22-29 Paul’s image of the law being a custodian of the People of God is helpful in some ways and falls short of the truth in others. Faith is the true custodian of the People of God and the law id merely a guide for the moral life. I cannot help feeling that Paul’s past still influences the way he sees the law such that even though he knows that salvation is by faith and has to be so, he still wants to give the law as prominent a role as possible. He struggles to free himself from his attachment to his (historical ability) to keep and maintain the tenets of the law in his life.

Jesus, help me to surrender everything to the work of your grace in my life and to hold nothing back as my own achievement.

Lk 11: 27-28 Jesus wants to affirm in the strongest manner possible that salvation does not rest upon the nature of ones heritage but solely upon the individuals response, in faith, to God’s offer of the gift of salvation. This is a quantum shift in the understanding of the Jews who had an enormous focus on the capacity of ‘obedience to the law’ being salvific. In many ways having to earn our salvation through our own efforts appeals to anyone as there is something about it being solely a gift that unsettles us in terms of what we might owe sometime in the future.

Jesus, help me to be accepting of the nature of your free gift of love to us and so embrace it fully. Your love is freely given. At the same time, help me to be generous in the way I respond to you.