On this day we celebrate the Assumption of Mary into heaven. She does not receive anything more than we all hope to receive – she just gets it as soon as she dies while we have to be purified in purgatory as we await the Second Coming of Jesus for the fullness of our redemption. This privilege given to Mary is because she is conceived without sin in order to prepare an appropriately holy womb for the birth of the Son of God as a man. Any privilege or blessing that Mary receives is focused not upon her but on her Son, Jesus. It is also as a result of his holiness and a fruit of his passion, death and resurrection.


As we reflect upon this gift given to Mary, let us look at her response to the angel’s request that she become the Mother of our Lord. She surrenders all to the will of God our Father and she opens her heart to whatever may be his plan for her life. It was not easy for her as we see in her rejection from all the places she tries to stay when in Bethlehem and about to give birth. It would have been even harder to stand by and watch her Son die on a cross! Yet, this is the calling she embraced with full faith!


We also must surrender to God’s will if we want to achieve the greatness of Mary in faith. This challenge will occupy us for the rest of our lives as we grow as disciples of Jesus and do our best to proclaim God’s Kingdom at every opportunity we get. Let us all pray that we will be faithful to this calling just as Mary was faithful to hers. Then we too will eventually receive the gift of the assumption of our bodies as we are made one with God, Mary and all the saints in heaven.


Jesus, help me to keep my mind and heart open to your word of direction in my life. I want to do what you want me to do so that my salvation will be assured. Help me to embrace my calling without being choosy about how I respond to your words of guidance.